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Interscholastic Riding !  Ride IEA !

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Interested in potentially becoming a rider or a parent of a rider on an IEA Team?  The following information has been compiled to give everyone a better understanding of the opportunities and responsibilities available to IEA Team Members!


The IEA was founded on the principle that any middle school or high school student should be able to participate in horse shows, regardless of their financial status or riding level.  The IEA attempts to help eliminate some expenses associated with horse showing and allows more students to compete. Students ride horses that are furnished by the host barn and chosen by drawing lots, thus also helping to level the playing field.   There are no private horses, we all ride academy or school horses. 



All team members are required to participate in one team practice per week.  Team Practices will run in a format similar to what can be expected at a Show, and therefore is not to take the place of a regularly scheduled lesson.  All team members are required to take at least one additional regular riding lesson per week.  


At the beginning of the school year, each team starts with a goal of accumulating enough team points to make their regional finals.  Winning teams and riders at Regions then move on to the Zone Finals.  Winning teams and riders at Zones get to move on to the National Final.

 Teams consist of riders in four different high school levels and three different middle school levels.  These range from Beginner (walk, trot, canter) to the Open division for the most advanced.  Teams take turns hosting horse shows throughout the season.  The show season starts September 15 and ends in April at the National Finals. Horse shows are one day shows that generally involve day travel only with some exceptions (including potentially Regional, Zone and National Finals).  Each horse show also offers individual classes so that students may compete as a team member and individually.  A rider may make it all the way to the National Finals as an individual even if their team does not.


Riders who wish to participate in IEA should contact the barn to find out more about this exiciting opportunity! 

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