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The Riverdale Stables


Riverdale Stables is the newest branch of our Twin Lakes family tree and we are thrilled to be bringing our programs to New York City!  Riverdale is housed in Van Cortlandt Park and is accessible from Mass transit- making it ideal for riders who do not own a car. 


Riverdale offers academy lessons seven days a week and runs the same fun and exciting programs as Twin Lakes Farm North.  There are Drill Teams, an IEA team, Theraputic Riding, Schooling Shows, Adult Classes, Jumping lessons, Dressage lessons, etc- all located moments from the bus and subway.


Between our campuses, we maintain over 75 academy-owned horses of varying sizes and levels so that school riders will always have an appropriate mount for lessons.  Our school horses are truly our collegues- we take great pride in them and know that our students are learning on the best fleet of four-legged teachers anywhere!


Our philosophy as a school is based on that of a traditional riding academy.  Our curriculum is set by the riding director and each level of instruction follows the principles of hunt seat equitation. Riders progress at their own pace- with safety and proper horsemanship being our priority. 


Riverdale also offers boarding and training of private horses, Summer and Winter Camps and lessons galore! Our beautiful indoor ring with heated viewing area makes riding convienent and comfortable year-round. Our outdoor rings allow us to lesson outdoors in fine weather, with unparalled views of the park. 


Our 80 stall barn is in the process of being renovated into a new, modern stable that is being built specifically with the city rider in mind.  Our "Rider's Lounge" offers free Wi-Fi, a flatscreen television and coffee station- for riders and parents to relax and feel at home in the barn. 


We would be thrilled to offer you a tour!  Call today and find out why we are: "Where New York City Learns to Ride!" 



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