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Twin Lakes Farm "North" Campus  


The North Campus houses our Riding Academy, IEA Team and Therapeutic Riding Programs.  This is where it all begins. Our purpose is to expose riders of all ages to English horsemanship in a safe, fun and understanding enviornment.  We welcome riders as young as six years old to come and take their first riding lessons on the backs of our "Professors."


Lessons run seven days a week and we are open late for our "Adult Swim" lessons in the evening- where adult students ride together in lessons just for grown-ups! Don't be shy, we love new faces!


Between our campuses, we maintain over 75 academy-owned horses of varying sizes and levels so that school riders will always have an appropriate mount for lessons.  Our school horses are truly our collegues- we take great pride in them and know that our students are learning on the best fleet of four-legged teachers anywhere!


Our philosophy as a school is based on that of a traditional riding academy.  Our curriculum is set by the riding director and each level of instruction follows the principles of hunt seat equitation. Riders progress at their own pace- with safety and proper horsemanship being our priority. 


As academy riders progress, we offer opportunites to join our Drill Team (Riders learn a choreographed ride to music and perform for a packed house at our "School's Out BBQ!") test for their Horsemanship Barn Badges, assist with our therapeutic program and get involved with our IEA Team!


Adult students look forward to our "Barn Night Out," "Adult Camp" and "Ladies Luncheon." We offer programs for riders of all ages and all abilities. 


Twin Lakes Academy offers four "academy only" schooling shows each year for students to experience the fun of a horse show in friendly and familiar setting. 


We love showing people around the North Barn! Call for a tour today and find our why we are: "Where Westchester Learns To Ride!"

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