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Scott Tarter -


Scott got his start in the horse world as a teenager when his father told him to go out and get a part-time job.  Scott went to work as a groom at Shannon Stables in Bedford, NY and went on to get his Associate's Degree in Equine Studies at Cazenovia College and a B.S. in Animal Science from UCONN. After working as a groom, tractor trailer driver and assist barn manager Scott got his start at barn management at The Claremont Riding Academy in Manhattan and went on to manage Overpeck Stables and The Ethel Walker School stable. 


Scott and his wife, Liz, took over Twin Lakes Farm South in 2004 and began the extensive renovations that were required.  In 2011, they added Twin Lakes Farm North and built the new Greek Neff Memorial Arena.  Riverdale Stables joined the family in 2014- making Scott the busiest farm manager in the world with over 175 horses now.


Scott served as the President of the Fairfield Westchester Professional Horseman’s Association for 6 years and is currently serving as a vice president and high score point keeper.   A lifelong Westchester horseman he is a wealth of knowledge of the history of horses in Westchester and New York City.


Scott is head of operations, drives the truck, handles the medical issues, tacks on lost shoes, fixes broken things, manages the horse shows and keeps right on talking while he does all of it!  Scott is a father of three children and honorary dad to all of the barn kids. 



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